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Read what some of our clients say…

I have only recently found out the great opportunities of Virtual Assistance and I am beginning to value the advantages. As a professional and manager in involved in different areas, I manage different tasks and teams, Mary manages to accomplish with great versatility and professionalism every task entrusted to her, from a simple search for a flight, to a translation in several languages, articulated in operations of web marketing or press office. I do not recommend her just for the fact that it might take time away from me!
Antonio Las Casas, Antolas Design s.a.s.
Relying on Mary Tomasso’s assistance  adds a value that can only be appreciated in the quality and impact after seeing her in action. I emphasize her sensitivity to capture and tune on a deep level with the needs of her customers and exceed expectations with innovation and creativity, amazing talents combined with her organizational capacity and impeccability in the fulfillment of every commitment. A great human being and a great professional.
Andres Ubierna, Puerto Managers
We have been working for years with Virtual & Co. and the result is very positive, because we have a collaboration always available, as in the case of staff directly employed by the company, however, paid only in case of actual use. There are tasks, such as the collection of phone credits in Spanish-speaking countries, for which we could not afford a direct employee because of the limitations of the work and which are performed ideally by the  virtual assistance. Also very important the translation work, especially among Italian, Spanish and English.
Mauro Antonielli, HCS S.r.l.